The right place to buy the best folding knife for self defense

Best folding knife for self defense

Folding knives are popular. That’s because they are suitable for many purposes. In addition to the actual knife, they usually have many different useful tools and functions. They are also handy, can be folded up for safe transport, and easily fit in any trouser pocket or handbag. At Knife Master, you will find a large range of high-quality pocket knives in different variations.

Buy high-quality folding knives from Knife Master

A high-quality folding knife impresses with its mobile and robust properties. As a multi-function tool, it is suitable for a variety of uses. It is also known as a pocket knife.

In everyday life, such knives are useful companions in many situations. For example, they allow simple work to be carried out with the appropriate tools. Bottles can also be opened, i.e. cut off like a protruding thread.

Files are often part of such a multifunctional pocket-sized tool, and a can opener is also often integrated. Usually, however, the more functions the folding knife has, so does the price. However, do not base your choice of knife solely on the number of additional functions.

However, a really good folding knife mainly convinces with its handle, its sharpness, and its workmanship. With the other functions, you should therefore consider what you really need – and what you can do without problems in favor of generally better quality. Your budget also plays a role when it comes to your options when purchasing a pocket knife.

Wood, plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum – about the material options when buying a pocket knife

Many different materials are used in folding knives. When it comes to pocket knives, there is (unfortunately) no universal recommendation regarding the material used. It depends on the individual preferences of the user. The choice of the knife handle in particular is very much dependent on personal preferences.

Nevertheless, it can be generalized: The handle of a large number of folding knives suffers in favor of additional functions. Because many functions are apparently better than a few selected functions, the manufacturer sometimes saves on the processing of the handle. However, the grip is crucial when making a purchasing decision.

It determines whether the knife lies comfortably in the hand and how easily and easily you use it. A whole range of materials is used in folding knives. Wood, plastic as well as stainless steel, or aluminum are very popular materials for the folding knife handle. Check beforehand which materials you particularly like – and how they affect the quality of the knife as a whole.

Wood is long-lasting and durable, stainless steel and aluminum are particularly light

As a handle material, wood impresses with its stability and practicality. Many people also appreciate that it is a natural material that is also very comfortable to hold and usually offers the knife a pleasant feel. In addition, such handles usually last a very long time if you handle them well. Plastic is optically a matter of taste, but it is a very cheap material with an acceptable shelf life.

The plastic G10 should be clearly emphasized in this context. G10 contains fiberglass mats impregnated with epoxy resin. Compared to many other plastics, it convinces with its excellent results in terms of grip and durability. G10 handles are extremely resilient. Because of this, this plastic form is used in a large number of high-quality knives. Pocket knife handles made of stainless steel or aluminum, on the other hand, guarantee you the easiest possible knife construction.

They also impress with their extremely high durability. In addition, such handles are considered to be very resistant to corrosion. For the best possible grip of the folding knife, we recommend a rubber coating. This makes the knives better in the hand. Ultimately, it is a question of your preferences which material is best for your pocket knife. Do not only consider the haptics and appearance of the knife but also always keep the primary purpose that you intended for the folding knife in mind.

Stainless steel blades as the safest and most durable choice for folding knives

Of course, it’s not just the handle that is an important feature that should suit your preferences when it comes to buying a pocket knife. The blade and its quality also play an essential role. When it comes to sharpness, every buyer of a folding knife expects high performance. In this context, the material used is decisive. Blades made of stainless steel and carbon steel are dominant in the folding knife market.

Carbon steel consists primarily of iron as well as carbon. This is unalloyed or low-alloy steel. Such knives are considered to be particularly robust and can be sharpened very finely. Please note: Carbon steel impresses with its hardness and sharpness, but not with its resistance to corrosion. From our point of view, stainless steel is, therefore, the safest and most durable choice. If you decide to buy a knife made of carbon steel, regular and proper maintenance of the knife is crucial.

Differences in blades and the coating of the blades

The shape of the blades is also different. The back of the blade and the cutting edge of the knife are usually straight and the belly round. Such shapes make the knife particularly versatile and are therefore a true all-rounder. However, there are also a large number of other blade shapes, including clip-point blades, drop-point blades, talon blades, and spear-point blades.

In turn, the selection depends on what you want to do with your jackknife in the first place. Also, pay attention to the coating on the blade of your knife. There are also many different variants here. Some surfaces are particularly smooth, others are more matte. The blade coating determines how well the knife can be used for certain purposes. In addition, the choice also depends on your preferences in terms of the design of the pocket knife.

Safety and durability are the main features of a good folding knife

The quality of the folding mechanism of a folding knife is very much dependent on its processing. Ideally, the lock can withstand prolonged use without leaving any traces in the form of reduced functionality of the knife. In addition, the lock guarantees the safe and injury-free use of a pocket knife.

The main features of all of them are safety in use and durability. When buying a pocket knife, you should make sure that it is of high quality. A good knife costs a little more than an inexpensive variant, but it also lasts for a long time. It is therefore worth investing in a knife that meets all your requirements in terms of quality, functionality and handling. It is worthwhile to compare different knives with one another before buying.

Folding knives and pocket knives from leading international manufacturers

Do you want to buy a folding knife? For Knife Master, your satisfaction as a customer is more important than anything else. For this reason, our team offers you an exquisite and diverse selection of knives of different brands and categories in our shop . You will find the folding knives from renowned manufacturers in our shop.

We promise you the constant expansion of our product range as well as the regular uploading of test videos for the respective pocket knives. This enables you to assess the knife you are looking for even better. This makes it easier to distinguish between several knives that are available for selection. With us you order folding knives and pocket knives from internationally leading manufacturers, the quality of which is very good and which can cope with the demands of frequent use.

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